About us

My name is Hans-Georg Hundeck and I am passionate to share my thoughts on innovation strategy and business transformation which have been gathered over the years through leading cross-functional teams and large transformational changes and managing the global innovation agenda in Consumer Goods and the Chemical Industry.
Since 2012 my focus is on advising and supporting companies from various industries in generating growth and increasing their capacity to innovate.
I was born in Hannover, Germany; studied Chemistry at Hannover University and finalized studies with Ph.D in 1991.
I have worked in R&D and Innovation for over 20 year with experience in fast moving consumer goods companies (Unilever and Henkel) and a leading chemical company (Clariant), where I led successfully R&D and Innovation across developed and developing markets.
  • Strong track record with innovation, process and business improvement, technology and value creation
  • Entrepreneurial attitude, strong leadership skills, excellent change management credentials, outstanding track record of delivery in diverse cultural environments, management of large teams
  • Effective organisational development with successful teambuilding and creation of high performing global networks, communicative and convincing
I have excellent Global and International experience having lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Belgium and Italy.
Native German speaker, speaks fluent English, reasonable Italian and French.